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David Tinsley and Jon O’Dwyer completed their Orthodontic Specialist Training in Sheffield and Chesterfield 20 years ago. Since 2000 they have worked in both cities – in Sheffield on Ecclesall Road and in Chesterfield at the Royal Hospital.

They acquired Chesterfield Orthodontics in 2019 and since then the practice has undergone an extensive renovation program and is now a state-of-the-art Orthodontic Practice.

Our new intra-oral scanner in action

As the Covid19 lockdown is now easing, we welcome patients from Sheffield and the surrounding areas to our easily accessible practice in Chesterfield. Since June 8th 2020 we have been seeing patients face to face at Chesterfield and as specialists can offer opinions and treatments with many different orthodontic (brace) systems.

A virtual consultation with an experienced orthodontist in your own home and at a time to suit can often be the starting point to obtaining the smile that you desire.

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There are many advantages to travelling from Sheffield and the surrounding areas to Chesterfield Orthodontics for your Invisalign or other types of orthodontic treatment:

  • We’re easily accessible – only 15 minutes from the south side of Sheffield and 2 minutes from the A61 dual carriageway.
  • We have car parking on site.
  • Our experienced orthodontists will give you the best professional advice and treatment.
  • Our new intra-oral scanner avoids the need for dental impressions and allows direct connection with Invisalign. This ensures accurately fitting aligners made and delivered quickly so that your treatment is carried out as efficiently as possible.
  • Our treatment coordinator, Laura will look after you and lead you through the whole process.

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    For your perfect smile.

    Metal fixed braces

    The traditional fixed brace where small stainless steel brackets are bonded to the teeth with a wire that runs across them. This wire creates the force to gradually align the teeth.

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    Ceramic fixed braces

    Braces made of ‘tooth coloured’ ceramic meaning they’re much less visible and yet provide superb orthodontic performance.

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    We can straighten your teeth using a series of clear aligners – a bit like a very thin gum shield – that fit over your teeth and means no one can tell you’re wearing them.

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    Lingual braces

    A relatively new technique where the braces are fitted to the backs of the teeth meaning they’re virtually invisible as a result.

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    Before and after

    See our treatments in action.

    This result was achieved using metal fixed appliances

    These are the most common form of appliance mostly used for children and are often also termed 'train tracks'.

    Fixed appliance treatment is the most precise way to control tooth movement to achieve the perfect smile. Wires are used to move the teeth into the desired position giving the Orthodontist complete control over the tooth movements.

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    This result was achieved using Invisalign

    Invisalign is a virtually invisable way to straighten your teeth using a series of clear, customised removeable aligners that fit snugly over your teeth. Advanced 3D technology allows you to visualise your completed treatment. This is a great option for all ages and for those wanting a more discreet, wire free brace.

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