NHS / Private

We have a contract with NHS North Midlands to provide orthodontic services to patients in our area. As a patient, you would be entitled to receive orthodontic treatment free of charge if you are under 18 years of age (under 19 if you are full time student) and have a significant degree of irregularity of your teeth as measured by the Index of Orthodontic Need (IOTN).

Significant Irregularities – NHS Treatment possible

The images above are examples of cases with an IOTN indicating a definite need for treatment which would provide a benefit to health. These patients were treated on the NHS.

The images below are of patients who have a milder degree of irregularity.

Mild Irregularities – Only private treatment possible

In these cases, treatment is not likely to provide any benefit to health, and would be mostly for cosmetic purposes. As the IOTN grade is below a certain value, we were only able to offer treatment on a private basis.

We are happy to provide an IOTN assessment for all patients 18 and under, who are referred to us by a dentist, and advise on the need for orthodontic treatment