Below are some links to other websites where you can find out more about orthodontics, dentists and practically anything to do with teeth. We hope you find them useful.

British Orthodontic Society
Most of the 1000 or so Orthodontists in this country belong to the BOS. Here you can find out more about orthodontics, and what Orthodontists get up to

General Dental Council
This is the government body that controls the registration of Dentists as well as Specialists (like Orthodontists) and Dental Care Professionals in the UK. Among many other things the GDC looks after clinical standards and disciplinary matters. You can read all about it here!

Dental Wisdom
This is an excellent site put together by a young dentist. The intention is to provide members of the public with a source of high quality information about teeth, dental procedures (including orthodontics) and dental health.

Hidden Braces
Sometimes braces can be placed on the back of the teeth. We use the excellent “WiN” system.


The world's most advanced clear aligner system.