Extended Duties

In the last few years. there have been various changes in the Dentist’s Act to enable other Dental Care Professionals (DCPs) to carry out certain tasks which could previously only be done by Dentists. So now we have Orthodontic Therapists, who are licensed to do most things involved in providing orthodontic treatment, as long as they have an appropriate “prescription”.

The Therapist training programme is a demanding course based at a University or Dental Hospital, and involves a year of study and in-practice training. You can see more information about our Therapists here.

As well as this, most of our Nurses have been trained and licensed to take X-Rays, photographs and impressions, which are an essential part of orthodontic treatment. It means that on busy days they can use spare surgery space to do these tasks whilst the Orthodontists and Therapists can be providing treatments for other patients at the same time.

All DCPs must be registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) just as Dentists and Specialists are, and this means they have a responsibility to act in a caring and professional way at all times, and undergo a number of hours of approved and recorded study each year. We have a programme of education and meetings in the practice so that our staff can meet these requirements, and we have systems in place to check the quality and outcomes of our work. You can find out more about our method of Quality Assurance in this leaflet.

All these changes have allowed us to treat patients more efficiently and flexibly, and so reduce waiting times for appointments. It means that sometimes, you will be seen for part or all of your appointment by either a Therapist or a Nurse. David, Jon, Ajay or Claire will be at hand most of the time to supervise their work. However, we do make sure that patients and parents have an opportunity to speak to the Orthodontist when needed or requested.

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